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Free Domestic Shipping

When your order is $100 or more through Tree Life, we will pay for your shipping costs! On average shipping costs will bump your order cost by at least 10%! This is something that we offer our customers so that the money they used to waste on shipping, can now be used to make your smoking better!

Use Code "TREE LIFE" at the checkout page w/ $100 or more in your cart for free shipping!

Worldwide Shipping

We ship all of our products internationally. We offer free shipping to our domestic orders!

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Best Quality

We Don't sell any products we wouldn't USE ourselves! We believe in top quality products and ensure that our customers get nothing less than that!

Best Offers

On average, our customers save 10-25% more money ordering through us than if they were to order from our competitors!

Secure Payments

SSL Secure Payments for all of our customers. We offer Secure Paypal Checkout to give our Customers the upmost security.