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Frequently asked questions

How Long Does Shipping Take?

You will receive your items within 2 weeks of placing your order! Typically, our customers only have to wait 3-7 days in order to receive their order!

Are The Products From Here Real?

We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't use here at Tree Life! We take pride in making sure that our customers are getting into the freshest products possible, and fakes are not a part of that!

What Is The Return Policy?

We ask our customers to carefully review their orders before placing them. We have a No Refund and No Return policy. For any problems you may have, contact the email at the bottom or

How Can I Pay For My Order?

We use secure PayPal Checkout to ensure our the safety of our customers! PayPal accepts all Major Debit/Credit Cards! If you are in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you can place a cash on delivery order!

How old do I have to be to order from this website?

Even though we understand some states have exceptions, we require our customer to be at least 21 years of age from the date of ordering. Ordering products for a minor is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Where is Tree Life?

Currently we only have locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are working on expanding the company into other states as well! Even if you aren't in Colorado, you can still take advantage of our great deals and free shipping! We ship orders domestically and internationally!